Welcome Animal Friend

Are you a true animal friend and are you in the possession of an animal friendly website?
Then we're proud of you. Thanks to you there's still hope for the animals. Help those that cannot stand up for them selves.
Show everybody that you're an animal friend en place the animal-friend label on your website and join the animal friend network.

What do you have to do to qualify for the animal-friend label? Check if your website is an animal friendly website; take a good look to find out if it doesn't contain any animal unfriendly matters. When you're sure it's really animal friendly, then you can put the animal-friend label on your website.

1) Click with your right mouse button on the label and choose "save target as". Next you'll have to upload it to your website.

2) Copy the code below and place it on your website, put the label on a visible place so everybody can see you’re an animal friend. Change (fill in your website) in the location where you put the animal friend label. Example given: http://www.animal-friend.org/images/

This is how your animal-friend label will look like:

Animal-friend   or   Animal-friend

3) When you're done you have to send an E-mail to animal-friend.org containing:
- Name:
- E-mail:
- Website url where you placed the Animal-Friend label:

One of our volunteers will inspect your website for animal friendliness as soon as possible. After this inspection you will be notified by E-mail that your website is approved, when your website isn't approved, then you are obliged to remove the animal friend label from your website.
We ask anybody who finds a website where the animal-friend label is used inappropriately, to report it to us.

General Conditions

1. The following sites are excluded from carrying the animal-friend label
• Websites that promote the suffering of animals.
• Websites with links to websites that promote animal suffering.
• Websites where animal unfriendly products are being offered.
• Websites where erotic content is presented.
• Websites with advertising pop-ups.
• Website that promote the use of production animals.

2. When your website doesn’t belong to the aforementioned categories, then it must meet the following requirements.
• A nice general impression.
• The absence of links to websites where animals could be hurt or injured, due to sports or other cultural events.

Animal-friend.org has the right to reject submissions without further explanation.
The animal friend label is property of animal-friend.org, the use of the animal friend label is only authorized on the web address for which a written approval has been given by animal-friend.org

Site of the month

Alles voor en door hondenvrienden

Every month we'll choose one of the newly submitted websites.
This website will then be highlighted for one month at Animal-friend.org

You can't apply for the site of the month.